Aqua Rite - Salt System

Never Buy, Mix or Measure Chlorine Again!

Electronic Purification

Aqua Rite makes owning a pool fun and healthy - with easy and convenient purification. Chlorination that's easy to live with and water that's silky, smooth, and refreshing, automatically. At home or away, your pool water is being purified with Aqua Rite!

Purification and Convenience

The Aqua Rite system generates its own chlorine from a small amount of ordinary table salt, dissolved in your pool water, to create 100% of your pools purifying needs. A teaspoon of salt per gallon of water is all it takes to adjust your pool to work with Aqua Rite. Salt that doesn't wear out or evaporate, its just used over and over again. Day in - Day out, you have fresh, pure chlorine introduced evenly throughout your swimming pool from this common table salt. The Aqua Rite's soft, silky smooth water is perfect for all pools up to 40,000 gallons, plaster, pebble, vinyl, or fiberglass!

Controls Automatically

That's right, the Aqua Rite automatically produces and disperses its own pure fresh chlorine while you enjoy a full season of swimming pleasure without adding chlorine. Just test your water and set to suit your preferences and you get the just right balance you want. And the Aqua Rite interfaces with many automation systems to make it even easier, just ask your pool professional for more info.

Soft Silky Pure Water

Your pool can be an inviting backyard paradise with soft, pure, sparkling clean water. Imagine no chlorine smell or irritation, no red eyes or dry skin, just silky soft inviting water ready when you are. For fitness and pleasure, nothing is more nature friendly than an Aqua Rite system on your pool. For freshly purified, sparkling clear water with the level of purification you want, and for the fresh, healthy difference you'll enjoy, Aqua Rite is the answer!

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